2019 - Round 18 : MoSHPlay Update

There are three games this week where MoSHPlay’s forecast margins differs from MoSHBODS’ by more than a goal:

  • Richmond v Port Adelaide: MoSHPlay Port by 1; MoSHBODS Tigers by 14

  • Geelong v Hawthorn: MoSHPlay Cats by 19; MoSHBODS Cats by 10

  • Carlton v Gold Coast: MoSHPlay Blues by 35; MoSHBODS Blues by 27

That Port Adelaide call from MoSHPlay looks to be a brave one, but is consistent with MoSHPlay’s relatively low rating of the Richmond list (which led to the ill-fated call that they’d lose to the Giants last week). That Tigers v Port game is the only one where MoSHPlay and MoSSBODS are tipping different winners.

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2019 - Round 17 : MoSHPlay Update

There’s a little more disagreement between MoSHPlay and MoSHBODS this week, but not much, with the margin forecasts differing only by amounts ranging from about 1 to 10 points, the largest of them being:

  • Geelong v St Kilda: MoSHPlay Cats by 50; MoSHBODS Cats by 40

  • Gold Coast v Adelaide: MoSHPlay Crows by 46; MoSHBODS Crows by 37

  • Port Adelaide v Brisbane Lions: MoSHPlay Port by 26; MoSHBODS Port by 19

In only one game are MoSHPlay and MoSHBODS tipping different winners - the Essendon v North Melbourne game, which MoSHPlay has Essendon winning by 2, and MoSHBODS has North Melbourne winning by 4.

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2019 - Round 16 : MoSHPlay Update

MoSHPlay is, again this week, in close agreement with MoSHBODS about the likely margins in each of the nine contests, differing by a goal or more in only two of them:

  • Carlton v Melbourne: MoSHPlay Melbourne by 14; MoSHBODS Melbourne by 6

  • Western Bulldogs v Geelong: MoSHPlay Geelong by 19; MoSHBODS Geelong by 13

In all nine contests, MoSHPlay and MoSHBODS are currently selecting the same team to win, although MoSHPlay has Adelaide winning by only one point in their clash with Port Adelaide.

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2019 - Team Ratings After Round 15

GWS, despite losing to Essendon this week, generated 21 scoring shots to the Dons’ 17, which was just enough to see MoSSBODS give them a pass mark and leave their Combined Rating essentially unchanged. MoSHBODS was less forgiving, however, and did drop the Giants’ Rating, but not enough to tip them out of 1st place.

Both Systems still have the same Top 2 then of GWS and Geelong, but MoSSBODS has the Roos in 3rd while MoSHBODS has retained Collingwood in that position.

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2019 - Round 15 : Overs/Unders

This week, all nine totals markets were up when I checked at 2pm. Different week, different process, I guess.

The MoS twins have very similar views about the likely average total score across those nine contests, their average total coming within a point of the bookmakers’, but there are a number of individual games where the differences are starker.

Asking around, the politest explanation for this absence is forgetfulness, but were I running a multi-billion dollar enterprise I reckon I’d not accept that, as a boss, as a reasonable excuse. Those of you who’ve followed me for a while I hope might recognise that I’m, if anything, a forgiving soul. but this is, frankly, more than a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, on the assumption that this is correct, we have the MoS twins and the two bookmakers in complete agreement in terms of average totals.

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