Welcome to MatterOfStats

There's a lot of stuff here on MatterOfStats (MoS), mostly about statistically modelling, analysing and predicting the results of games of Australian Rules Football.

The main content is organised into four separate blogs.

Content: Weekly tips, predictions and wagers.

Most Active: During the AFL season proper (late March to late September)

Best For: Those who just want tips and bets

Content: Weekly Team Ladder, Scoring Shot and Quarter-by-Quarter information.

Most Active: During the AFL season proper (late March to late September)

Best For: Those who want to review each team's season-long performance

Content: Technical (but practical) discussions of statistical modelling and analysis techniques as they're applied to AFL

Most Active: Year-round

Best For: Those who've an interest in statistical modelling

Content: Mostly projections of which teams will make the Finals (though occasionally other things are simulated)

Most Active: Latter part of the AFL season (say July/ August to late September)

Best For: Those who've an interest in statistical simulation 

If you're a first-time visitor to the site and are mainly interested in the Wagers and Tips material, this post from early 2016 gives a good overview of how and what predictions are made here on MoS. You can also find an introduction to the Team Rating Systems used on MoS in this post, also from early 2016.

The Navigation Bar on the right of the screen provides access to other content on the site, including the Probability and Statistics blog, where I talk about more general statistical topics, and MoS' Historical Archives, which houses the newsletters and associated files from the early years of MoS (when it was called MAFL).

You'll also find a range of Search options in the Navigation Bar that will help you locate content by keyword, category or tag.

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