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The MatterOfStats Website (formerly known as MAFL) is a site mostly concerned with predicting and analysing the results of games of Australian Rules Football (usually referred to as AFL games), adopting an approach similar to that which Bill James pioneered in baseball through what's now known as 'sabermetrics'.

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You can read about the history in the History and Archives section where you can also download copies of the newsletters from 2005 to 2008, which pre-date the move of MAFL to the digital form. There's also a fairly comprehensive FAQ on the site, called the MoS Primer, which provides background and links to the huge number of blog entries on the site. 

Or, if you prefer, you can avail yourself of the site search facility that indexes all of the content except that within the newsletters.

All of the AFL-related content lives in one of four blog journals: 

You can navigate to any of these pages via the links just provided or by clicking on the links at the top of this page. 

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The site also contains a more general statistical blog, Probability and Statistics, which hosts the occasional post on some topic in probability and statistics that's piqued my interest and that's (usually) not football-related.

 'Not sure why they don't trust me with money ...'

 'Not sure why they don't trust me with money ...'

The Mascot

The photo on the right belongs to Chi, our Pom-Chi, the original Official MAFL Mascot - and no, we didn't put the sticker there. Late in 2013 we had to make the most difficult decision you're privileged and horrified to make as pet owners as we helped our old and infirm friend avoid what would have been an ending none of us would have wanted. Chi was never sharp, but his loss still stings.

As we began to understand Chi's strengths and weaknesses, his role quickly become far more decorative than fiscal. For a time we did allow him to make wagers on games on the basis of his predictions, but the decision to entrust money to a dog whose intellect was perhaps best demonstrated by the 3 days it took him to realise the dog door we'd installed worked in both directions and not just for exiting the house, turned out to be a poor one. Eventually, we came to know better. 

More photos of him, and of the Assistant Mascot, Quila, can be found in the Photos and Links section.

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