Popular MatterOfStats Pages in 2014

Traffic to MatterOfStats has been up this year, especially that being referred from Google, the self-reinforcing nature of which has brought unexpected popularity to a handful of mostly recent but a few slightly older blog entries from across the site. 

The table below provides the visit statistics for the 2014 calendar year to 21 May, and includes pages with at least 20 visits in that period (and excludes any of the more ephemeral weekly posts from the Wagers and Tips and the Team Dashboard journals, even if they've attracted that many visits).

Atop that table is one of the first posts from 2014, in which I described some of the things that have surprised me about the analyses of AFL I've conducted over the past 8 years. That blog entry has been visited over 400 times by an estimated 351 unique viewers, each spending, on average, over 3 minutes on the page. Less than 50% of people who have come to the page have 'bounced', that is, immediately exited the site, and only 45% have not gone on to visit some other page on MatterOfStats. When I wrote that post I'd have given you long odds that it would become popular.

The Pythagorean Expectation page has also attracted considerable traffic - about 26 pageviews a week since it went up. Andrew's posts on Game Statistics have also proven popular, attracting well over 100 pageviews each.

If you'd like to visit any of the pages you see listed in the table, clickable links for each are provided after the table.

Statistical Analyses Page

Wagers & Tips Pages (excluding regular weekly posts during the season)

General Probability & Statistics

History and FAQ Pages