MatterOfStats in 2014

Last year at around this same time I said 

Compared to most previous seasons, the number of changes to MAFL Funds and algorithms this year has been very small.

For 2014 I've treated last year as a worthy precedent and made only a handful of changes, none of them significant.

I'd love to be able to present an empirical case for these weightings but, alas, none exists. If pressed I'd simply relay my sense that, last year, a Fund carrying only 10% of the total portfolio seemed to be something of an irrelevance, regardless of how active it was.

  • This year I wanted to do something in memory of MatterOfStats' (then MAFL's) inaugural mascot, who guilted me out of half a banana and half an apple for the last time late last year, so I've created ChiPS from which spring C-Marg and C-Prob, respectively a new Margin and a new Probability Predictor.

That's it. Everything else will be this year as it was last year including, I hope, our wagering success.