Where Can I Get An Overview of Current MoS Tipsters, Margin Predictors and Funds?

MoS has had many years to evolve and develop, and by design has been a vehicle for me to learn and test a range of statistical modelling techniques. As a consequence, it's changed a lot and covered a broad range of areas. making the learning curve for a new visitor pretty steep. That's one of the reasons I've developed this FAQ.

In the week-to-week posts during the season you'll hear a lot about MoS Tipsters, Predictors and Funds:

  • Tipsters predict only which of the two competing teams will win a given contest.
  • Predictors come in two forms: Margin Predictors, which seek to predict the final margin of victory, and Probability Predictors, which provide estimates of the probability that the Home team will win.
  • Funds take the outputs of Predictors and use them as a basis for making wagers in the head-to-head, line or margin betting markets.

In 2015 I put this blog together to provide visitors with an understanding of the then-current crop of Tipsters, Predictors and Funds. Then, in 2016, after a major cull of Tipsters and Predictors and the development of a promising Team Rating System called MoSSBODS, I put this blog together.

MoS changes every year, sometimes a lot. If you find something of interest from the early years and can't locate any material on some aspect of it here on the site, please drop me an e-mail and I'll see if I can provide a deeper explanation.