MatterOfStats Turns 100

Sometime, about a week ago, MatterOfStats intersected with the life of someone in its 100th nation. I'd by lying if I didn't admit that this felt a little humbling.

That 100th country's visitor, by the way, was from Armenia and, though I'd like to think otherwise, I doubt that he or she stayed for long.

The map of the 100 countries from which the site has had visitors so far does a good job, I think, of depicting the global reach that MatterOfStats has apparently had.

Don't get me wrong, I recognise that a fair portion of that traffic has been accidental and fleeting rather than intended and enthralled - after all, almost one half of the countries represented have visited fewer than 5 times - but the fact that people from over 50 nations have spent a little more than a little time on MatterOfStats is still enough to make me pause for a moment.

There are though, still portions of the addressable globe (as marketers love to say) that I can legitimately hope to virtually traipse. For example, MatterOfStats is yet to impinge on 10 US States.

That means of course that it has already infiltrated 41 States, in so doing generating over 1,000 visits, in particular from California, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, Washington, New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois, all States for which the number of visits has been 20 or more.

Given the volume of traffic from those first two States, California and New Jersey, I can only imagine that some ex-pat Australians have discovered the site and spent some time here. If that's you and you're reading this, hi and please feel free to e-mail me.

I've a more difficult job envisioning deliberative visits from Alabama, Iowa, Hawaii, Delaware or Arkansas, but I'm ready to be proved unimaginative if any of the visitors from those States is willing to set me straight.

Canada is another English-speaking nation where MatterOfStats' coverage has been significant but not complete.

Of the 13 Provinces and Territories, 6 are represented amongst the visitors to MatterOfStats, most prominently Ontario and British Columbia.

That means, of course, that 7 are missing, so if you've any friends or colleagues who live there or are visiting, please have them drop by MatterOfStats so I can tick them off the list. While ever Chi remains the MatterOfStats mascot it seems particularly remiss not to have touched on the lives of Labrador residents.