Not Happy Fan

Someone's not enjoying Season 2014. At least, that's what I'm inferring from a series of search strings that've led to recent visits to the MatterOfStats website:

  • "worst afl teams"
  • "worst afl team ever"
  • "the worst afl players of all time"
  • "worst team in the afl ever"
  • "worst ever afl game"

I reckon I've had days like that too.

On a more positive note, I like the optimism behind these two search strings, both of which also resulted in MoS visits:

  • "how to use bookmaker odds to your favor in vfl"
  • "most reliable free formula for cracking the lotto ranging from 1 to 90"

MoS might have provided some relevant information to that first searcher, but I suspect the second left the site none the wiser. I do hope he or she found an answer somewhere else.

(For any overseas visitors who missed the allusion in the title of this blog, see this YouTube video and this webpage.)