2017 - Team Ratings After Round 11

Port Adelaide regained top ranking on MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS this weekend after a 51 point and 21 scoring shot victory over the Hawks. It's now rated an 0.3 scoring shot better team than Adelaide at a neutral venue according to MoSSBODS, and a 1 point better team than Adelaide at a neutral venue according to MoSHBODS.

Adelaide surrendered its #1 ranking to Port Adelaide in losing to the Cats by 22 points and 7 scoring shots, but they still remain comfortably ahead of the 3rd-ranked Dogs, especially on MoSHBODS. GWS no sits 4th on both Systems.

No team this week moved multiple places on both MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, with Carlton (up 2) and Hawthorn (down 3) the only multi-spot movers on MoSSBODS, and Richmond (up 2) the only multi-spot movers on MoSHBODS. Only seven teams moved at all on MoSSBODS, and 11 on MoSHBODS.

That reshuffling has left the two Systems with identical rankings for 13 of the teams and with differences of more than one place only for Hawthorn, which is now ranked 17th on MoSSBODS and 15th on MoSHBODS.

The two Systems' rankings are also very similar at the component level where we find only Richmond (10th on MoSSBODS and 12th on MoSHBODS) differing by more than a single ranking place on offence, and only GWS (7th on MoSSBODS and 4th on MoSHBODS), Collingwood (5th and 7th), Geelong (11th and 9th), and Carlton (9th and 11th) differing by more than a single ranking place on defence.

On offence, we still have on both Systems:

  1. Adelaide
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. GWS

And, on defence we have:

  1. Western Bulldogs
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. Richmond (displacing GWS from this position, which it held on the MoSHBODS System after the previous round)

Looking at the offensive and defensive rankings of the teams currently in the Top 8 on the competition ladder, the starkest anomalies are for:

  • GWS (1st on the ladder), ranked 7th and 4th on defence by MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, respectively
  • Adelaide (2nd on the ladder), ranked 6th on defence by MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS
  • Geelong (3rd on the ladder), ranked 11th and 9th on defence by MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, respectively
  • Richmond (4th on the ladder), ranked 10th and 11th on offence by MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, respectively
  • Western Bulldogs (6th on the ladder), ranked 1st on defence by both Systems
  • West Coast (7th on the ladder), ranked 14th on offence by both Systems
  • Fremantle (8th on the ladder), ranked 15th and 16th on offence, and 13th on defence by both Systems

We can see the round-by-round MoSSBODS Rating journey of all the teams in the following animation.

And, we can see how the current MoSSBODS Ratings compare to teams throughout history at the same point in their respective seasons in the following chart.

Very few teams have played in a Grand Final with ratings after Round 11 below those currently associated with the seven highest-rated teams: Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Western Bulldogs, GWS, Collingwood (sic), Geelong and Richmond.


ChiPS and MARS, despite docking Ratings Points from the Crows this week still have them ranked 1st ahead of Port Adelaide and then GWS.

The gap in the two Systems' ranking for Richmond reduced by two places this week but remains at a sizeable 5 places with ChiPS placing them 4th to MARS' 9th.

The only other teams for which ChiPS and MARS disagree in their ranking by more than two places are Collingwood (ranked 7th by ChiPS and 10th by MARS), Sydney (8th and 5th), and West Coast (10th and 7th). 

Both Systems rate 10 teams as above-average and 8 as below-average, and both have the same teams on each list.