MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 12

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below. Note that the ladder ordering is determined on the basis of competition points earned per game played, which sees the Roos and Saints differently ordered in comparison to the standard competition ladder.

It continues to be the case that Geelong is the only team with consistently high rankings on all metrics, while other teams in the Top 8 on the ladder find themselves ranked as low as 15th on some metrics. We also have teams in the bottom seven places on the ladder ranked as high as 3rd on some metrics.

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features from which are that:

  • Richmond, in 7th, have a lower percentage than the four teams directly below them on the ladder

  • Ten of the Top 11 teams all have percentages of better than 100

  • Fremantle, in 9th, has a better percentage than three of the teams in the Top 8

  • Geelong have lost only 12 quarters all season

  • Only four teams have scored more points in the first half of games than in the second half: Gold Coast, Port Adelaide, St Kilda, and Sydney.