MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 13

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below. Note that the ladder ordering is, again, determined by competition points earned per game played, which sees a slightly differently ordering to the standard competition ladder.

Of all the metrics on the Dashboard, it remains the case that the Expected Wins according to the MoS Win Production Function provides a ranking closest to that of the ladder as we determine it.

Looking at the underlying details of that metric we find that:

  • St Kilda have won 1.8 games more than their scoring statistics would suggest they should have

  • Richmond have won 1.7 games more

  • West Coast have won 1.3 games more

  • Geelong have won 0.9 games more

  • Carlton have won 1.9 games fewer

  • Hawthorn have won 1.0 games fewer

  • Sydney have won 0.9 games fewer

Based solely on Expected Wins, Port Adelaide and Essendon would currently be in the Top 8 at the expense of the Brisbane Lions and Richmond.

The full Team Dashboard appears below. We’ll have a closer look at it once next week is done so all of the bye weeks are completed.