MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below and, broadly speaking, suggests that the teams’ ladder positions are more highly correlated with :

  • scoring points (+0.75 correlation) than with conceding them (+0.74)

  • a team’s converting its own Scoring Shots (+0.64) than with the rate at which its opponents have converted their Scoring Shots (+0.25)

  • the Goals a team scores (+0.90) than with the Goals it concedes (+0.73)

  • the Points a team scores (+0.88) than with the Points it concedes (+0.78)

  • Q4 performances (+0.75) than with Q3 (+0.57), Q1 (+0.54), or Q2 (+0.38) performances

  • a team’s Expected Wins according to the MoS Win Production Function than with any other of the metrics on the Dashboard

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features from which are that:

  • The Top 11 teams all now have percentages of better than 100

  • West Coast, with a 8 and 3 record, have only a 108.8 percentage

  • Five more teams with either 7 and 4, or 6 and 5 records have percentages no higher than 111

  • North Melbourne have scored more Goals than the five teams immediately above them on the ladder

  • The Gold Coast, in 17th, have conceded exactly the same number of Goals as the Brisbane Lions, in 5th

  • Fremantle, in 9th, have conceded only 4 more Goals than Geelong, in 1st

  • Geelong have lost only 10 quarters all season. The next-best is GWS’ 15

  • North Melbourne, Carlton and the Gold Coast have won only 17 (and tied 1) quarters all season