MatterOfStats 2018 : Team Dashboard for Round 14

The latest Team Dashboard appears below.

This week, rather than perform any of the standard analyses, I'll just highlight a few of the statistics on the Dashboard that I think are interesting:

  • Hawthorn are outside the 8 despite having an 8 and 5 record for the season.
  • Eleven teams have a percentage of 100 or higher
  • The Brisbane Lions, in 17th, have kicked only about 1.5 goals per game fewer than Geelong, in 7th
  • The Western Bulldogs, in 14th, have registered more behinds than all but two of the teams in the 8
  • Teams currently in the 8 have, collectively, only a 10 and 7 record over the last three rounds
  • St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs have converted only just over 45% of their scoring shots this season
  • The Brisbane Lions have yet to win a 1st term
  • Gold Coast have won only a single final term
  • Richmond have won less than half their third terms
  • Gold Coast have a 14-1-37 and St Kilda a 14-2-36 record in quarters this season.
  • Melbourne and West Coast are 35-1-16, and Richmond 35-0-17 on the same metric
  • If teams earned one point for every quarter they won, half a point for every quarter they drew, and these were added to their competition points, the only changes in the ladder would be that:
    - West Coast would be 1st
    - Richmond would be 2nd
    - Sydney would be 3rd
    - Melbourne would be 5th
    - Port Adelaide and Geelong would be equal 6th
    - Fremantle would be 12th
    - Essendon would be 13th