MatterOfStats 2017 : Team Dashboard for Round 7

Last week I provided a lot of commentary on the Team Dashboard, so this week I'll restrict myself to a quick update on the thoughts of the MoS Win Production Function (MWPF).

(I did, by the way, review during the week to see if the intervening 7 years since it was built have caused it to be significantly mis-calibrated. In short, they haven't, though I might write a piece on this for an upcoming blog.)

The MWPF currently opines that, based on their scoring statistics:

  • Fremantle has won about 2 games more than would be expected
  • Carlton, Hawthorn, Richmond and the Western Bulldogs have won about 1 more game than would be expected
  • Port Adelaide and Sydney have lost about 1.5 games more than would be expected
  • Collingwood, the Kangaroos and Melbourne have lost about 1 game more than would be expected