MatterOfStats 2016 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

The latest Team Dashboard appears below.

Let's have another look this week at the metrics on which each team is ranked most differently compared to their Competition Ladder position (minimum 5 places different):

  • Kangaroos (1st): 7th on Scoring Shots conceded, 6th on Conversion, 10th on 3rd Quarters, 7th on 4th Quarters
  • Sydney (2nd): 8th on Conversion, 7th on 2nd Quarters
  • Geelong (3rd): 14th on Conversion, 14th on Opponent Conversion, 9th on 1st Quarters, 9th on 3rd Quarters
  • Western Bulldogs (4th): 9th on Scoring Shots, 12th on Conversion, 13th on Opponent Conversion
  • Hawthorn (5th): 18th on Opponent Conversion, 16th on 2nd Quarters
  • GWS (6th): 1st on 2nd Quarters
  • West Coast (7th): 1st on 1st Quarters
  • Adelaide (8th): 1st on Scoring Shots, 3rd on Conversion, 2nd on 2nd Quarters, 1st on 3rd Quarters
  • Port Adelaide (9th): 2nd on 4th Quarters
  • Carlton (10th): 17th on Scoring Shots
  • Melbourne (11th): 1st on Conversion, 6th on 4th Quarters
  • Collingwood (12th): No significant differences
  • St Kilda (13th): 5th on Conversion, 4th on 3rd Quarters
  • Richmond (14th): No significant differences
  • Gold Coast (15th): 10th on Conversion, 10th on Opponent Conversion
  • Fremantle (16th): 6th on Opponent Conversion, 5th on 3rd Quarters
  • Brisbane Lions (17th):No significant differences
  • Essendon (18th): 11th on Opponent Conversion, 9th on 4th Quarters