MatterOfStats 2015 : Team Dashboard for Round 5

This week, as we review the Team Dashboard for Round 5, we'll analyse the correlations between the teams' competition ladder positions and their ranking on various metrics from the Dashboard. (As a quick reminder, we use the Spearman Rank Correlation coefficient here on MatterOfStats, which takes on a value of +1 if two rankings are identical; -1 if two rankings are exactly opposite so that the first in one ranking is last in the other, and so on; and 0 if two rankings are unrelated. Positive values indicate some level of agreement between a pair or rankings such that being higher on one ranking tends to be associated with being higher on the other. Negative values indicate the opposite.)

So, we find that the rank correlation between competition ladder position and:

  • Scoring Shot Production is +0.63
  • Scoring Shot Concession is +0.93
  • The difference between Scoring Shot Production and Concession is +0.89
  • Own Scoring Shot Conversion is +0.42
  • Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion is +0.39
  • The difference between Own and Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion is +0.45
  • Q1 performances is +0.36
  • Q2 performances is +0.76
  • Q3 performances is +0.67
  • Q4 performances is +0.45

In summary then, so far this season preventing Scoring Shots has been more associated with higher ladder position than generating them, and strong performances in Q2s have been more associated with higher ladder position than performances in any other quarter.