MatterOfStats 2015 : Team Dashboard for Round 6

Only three teams now have Scoring data that suggests, according to the MatterOfStats' Win Production Function, that they've won a whole game more or less than they "should"  have.

Fremantle, whose record is now 6 and 0, have won 1 game more than they might reasonably have expected to given their data, while Hawthorn's 3 wins are just under 2 games fewer, and Richmond's 2 wins about 1 game fewer than their overall stats would imply.

Notably, Richmond, who sit 13th on the competition ladder, are the only team outside the Top 8 with a percentage over 100. Also, Hawthorn's percentage of 136 is the 3rd-highest in the competition, belying their 8th place on the competition ladder.

Only two teams now have failed to outscore their opponents, in aggregate, in any quarter: the Brisbane Lions, and Carlton.