2019 - Round 7 Results - MoSHPlay Has a Blinder

MoSHPlay backed up its 9 from 9 in Round 6 with a 7 from 9 in Round 7 to maintain a one tip lead as a Head-to-Head Tipster, but more importantly recorded an 18.7 points per game mean absolute error (MAE) as a Margin Predictor, the best of the round, and enough to see it to leap into third-place there.

Overall, hauls of 7 from 9 were most-common amongst the Head-to-Head Tipsters and bettered only by Home Sweet Home’s 8 from 9. MoSHPlay_Marg leads that group now on 39 from 63 (62%).

MoSSBODS_Marg still leads the Margin Predictors, though its MAE of 23.7 points per game was only fourth-best, behind MoSHPlay_Marg (18.7), MoSHBODS_Marg (22.8) and Bookie_9 (23.6). The all-Predictor average MAE was 24.3 points per game.

The two big moves on the ladder were MoSHPlay_Marg’s climb from 8th to 3rd, and C_Marg’s fall from 3rd to 10th.

To complete the outstanding round for MoSHPlay, its Head-to-Head Probability Predictor also turned in the round’s best score to lift it into 4th place on the Leaderboard, which MoSSBODS_Prob still heads. All seven of the Predictors recorded positive scores this week, making it two weeks in a row that this feat has been achieved.


The Head-to-Head Fund returned to profitability this week, and was joined by the Line Fund, though not by the Overs/Unders Fund whose first overs bet for the season looks ludicrous in hindsight falling, as it did, some 77 points short of being a collect.

The profit for Round 7 was 2.6c, the fourth-best of the season, and took the Combined Portfolio’s price to about $1.17, this lift coming from a 25.8% ROI on a 0.65 turn.

Wagering this season continues to astonish.