2019 - Round 6 Results - MoSHPlay Tips the Card

After suggesting on Tuesday that no-one should expect to tip all nine results in the round, MoSHPlay went and did exactly that, out-tipping MoSHBODS using the player information that only it had.

That nine was enough to elevate it to the top of the Head-to-Head Tipster Leaderboard where it now sits one tip clear of MoSSBODS_Marg on 32 from 54 (59%).

Elsewhere there were hauls of 7s and 8s, except from Home Sweet Home, who managed only 5 and who, as a result, now occupies the bottom of the ladder. The all-Tipster average was 7.8 from 9.

As a Margin Predictor, MoSHPlay did slightly less well, its mean absolute error (MAE) for the round coming in at 22.6 points per game, a little over 2 points per game worse than MoSSBODS_Marg’s 20.3, which was the round’s best.

C_Marg has the round’s worst MAE of 24.4 points per game, but retained 3rd place on the Leaderboard, which saw only one change of order this week as Bookie_HCap overtook RSMP_Weighted.

MoSHPlay_Prob was well-calibrated this week, turning in the largest log probability score, but still finds itself only in 6th place on the Leaderboard. Top spot is still held by MoSSBODS_Prob whose score for this week was second only to MoSHPlay_Prob’s.


Profits for all three Funds this week meant that the Combined Portfolio extended its sequence of profitable rounds to six.

The profit for Round 6 was 3.5c, narrowly eclipsing last week’s 3.4c but still below Round 4’s record of 3.8c. The Combined Portfolio is now worth $1.141, a 14.1% increase on the season from a 25.1% ROI on a 0.66 turn.

Mean regression can’t be far away …