2019 - Round 27 Results (Week 4 of the Finals) - And We're Done

Our three winners for 2019 are:

  • Top Head-to-Head Tipster: Bookie Knows Best (137 from 207 - 66%)

  • Top Margin Predictor: RSMP_Weighted (MAE of 26.69 points per game)

  • Top Probability Predictor: MoSSBODS_Prob (0.1177 bits per game)

Only three Margin Predictors finished the season with a profitable line betting record, Bookie_LPSO, Bookie_9, and C_Marg (barely), though four other Predictors tipped more winners than losers - just not enough to be profitable at $1.90 prices.

The only movement on any of the leaderboards was MoSSBODS_Marg climbing over MoSHBODS_Marg into 8th on the Margin Predictor rankings.


No bets this week, and so no movement in the profitability of any of the Funds.

The Combined Portfolio therefore ends the season priced at $1.231, that result coming from a 12.5% ROT on a 1.84 turn of the Portfolio Funds.