2019 - Round 24 Results (Week 1 of the Finals) - Large Margins

Scores amongst the Head-to-Head Tipsters ranged from 1 to 3 this week, which saw some movement on the Leaderboard, but left Bookie Knows Best still two tips clear at the top, now on 135 from 202 (67%).

RSMP_Weighted extended its lead over RSMP_Simple to just under 6 points at the end of the round, and is now more than 5 goals clear of Bookie_LPSO and Bookie_9 as unexpectedly large victory margins produced large mean absolute errors (MAEs) for all of the Predictors.

Best was MoSHPlay_Marg’s 31.8 points per game, which was enough to see it retain 7th spot on the Leaderboard, but trail Bookie_Hcap by less than 6 points.

MoSHPlay_Prob was far-and-away the best of all the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors this week, but still lies second-last on the Leaderboard. MoSSBODS_Prob remains in 1st, ahead of MoSHBODS_Prob and then Bookie_OE.


A third successive loss this week, and the fifth in six weeks, as the Lions capitulation to the Tigers resulted in losses that more than offset the earlier win from the overs bet on the Friday game.

The Combined Portfolio is now priced at $1.213, this result coming now from an 11.8% ROT on a 1.81 turn of the Portfolio Funds.