2019 - Round 19 Results - But, I Regress ...

MoSHPlay had another week to forget, amongst other things bagging just 4 from 9 as a Head-to-Head Tipster to see it tumble from equal 1st place on the Leaderboard into 6th and now three clear tips behind the leading pack of Bookie Knows Best and the RSMP twins, each of which snagged 7 from 9.

For the Margin Predictors, mean absolute errors (MAEs) were again fairly low this week, with the all-Predictor average coming in at 24.4 points per game, headed by C_Marg’s best of the bunch 20 points per game, and tailed by MoSHPlay_Marg’s 27.9 points per game.

That said, neither C_Marg (last) nor MoSHPlay_Marg (9th) moved anywhere on the Leaderboard, that lone distinction reserved for MoSSBODS_Marg who moved ahead of Bookie_Hcap and into 6th. At this time of the season, ranking changes tend to be harder to come by.

MoSHPlay_Prob also did worst of all the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors this week, although still recording a positive log probability score. The best result was, for the second week running, C_Prob’s, but MoSSBODS_Prob’s 5th-best result was good enough to see it retain first position on the Leaderboard. MoSHPlay_Prob now sits last.


It was a mostly unhappy weekend for Investors, with only four of 13 wagers winding up as collects, as the Head-to-Head Fund went 1 and 4, the Overs/Unders Fund 0 and 4, and the Line Fund 3 and 1.

Even for the Line Fund, those performances were insufficient to return profits, with the result that the Head-to-Head Fund dropped 2.2c, the Overs/Unders Fund 8c, and the Line Fund 0.8c.

All up, the Combined Portfolio dropped in value by 3.0c, its second-largest single-round decline for the season, to leave it priced at $1.25, this result coming now from a 17.0% ROT on a 1.48 turn of the Portfolio Funds.