2019 - Round 17 Results - So, Who's Best Now?

In a round that, if anything, made it less certain which team is currently the best in the competition, just six of nine favourites won.

And six was the best score that any of the Head-to-Head Tipsters could muster, and was one better than MoSHPlay_Marg managed, which allowed Bookie Knows Best and the RSMP twins to move within one tip of the lead. MoSHPlay_Marg still has that, now slender, lead and is on 95 from 144 (66%).

Mean absolute errors (MAEs) were back to levels more typical of the season this week, with the best of them being recorded by Bookie_Hcap at 24.9 points per game as all but C_Marg registered MAEs within about a 3 points per game range. MoSHPlay_Marg managed only 27.3 points per game for the round, which saw it overtaken byBookie_Hcap, the only movement on the Leaderboard for the week.

All of the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors except MoSSBODS_Prob registered positive log probability scores this week, albeit small ones. Best amongst them was Bookie_RE, though all three bookie-based Predictors recorded very similar scores. Come the end of the round, MoSSBODS_Prob still held top spot, despite its relatively poor performance.


Another profitable round - in fact, the most profitable since Round 8 - despite Port Adelaide’s loss in the final game of the round dragging the Head-to-Head Fund into loss for the week.

Those head-to-head losses were more than covered by the Line Fund’s 6c gain and the Overs/Unders Fund’s 3c gain, which resulted in an overall increase in the price of the Combined Portfolio by 3.6c.

That Portfolio’s price is now $1.235, this result coming now from a 17.8% ROT on a 1.32 turn of the Portfolio Funds.