2018 - Round 27 Results - That'll Do

Well that was the quite the Grand Final, wasn’t it?

At the end of it, and the end of a 208-game contest, ENS_Linear wins the Head-to-Head Tipster race on 147.5 from 208 (71%), two tips clear of Bookie Knows Best.

In the Margin Predictor race it was Bookie_Hcap winning by almost nine goals, testimony to the TAB Bookmaker’s exceptionally good handicapping year. Further down the order, MoSSBODS_Marg surrendered 4th spot to ENS_Linear, finishing just over a point behind them and just over 14 goals behind the leader. It was, however, the only Margin Predictor tipping the line winner often enough to be profitable at $1.90 prices.

And, in the last of the contests, Bookie_RE ran out winners amongst the Head-to-Head Probability Predictors, though it was a close-run thing between it, Bookie_OE, Bookie_LPSO, and MoSSBODS_Marg for most of the back-end of the season.


There were no wagers this week, which meant that the Combined Portfolio ended the season down by 6.2c from a -3.1% ROI on about a 2.02 turn.

On the Line Fund turned a profit, although the Head-to-Head Fund can consider itself a little unlucky in more than a few games. The Overs/Unders Fund never seemed destined for glory and will be the subject of a review during the off-season.