2017 - Team Ratings After Round 10

Adelaide did more than enough this week to convince both MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS that it was the most deserving #1 team, a position previously held by Port Adelaide on both Systems.

Those moves for the two South Australian teams were only one ladder position. Far bigger were the moves of West Coast and Fremantle (down 3 places on both Systems), and Hawthorn (up 3 places on both Systems).

That reshuffling has left the two Systems ranking the 18 teams very similarly now, with only Richmond, ranked 7th on MoSSBODS and 9th on MoSHBODS, having a ranking differing by more than a single spot.

The situation is very similar when we look at the component offensive and defensive rankings where we find just three teams (Western Bulldogs, Richmond, and North Melbourne) differing in offensive rankings by more than a single place, and just one team (Collingwood) doing likewise in defensive rankings across the two Systems.

So, on offence, we still have:

  1. Adelaide
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. GWS

And, on defence we have:


  1. Western Bulldogs
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. Richmond (displacing Sydney, who are now 7th)


  1. Western Bulldogs
  2. Port Adelaide
  3. GWS

Looking at the offensive and defensive rankings of the teams currently in the Top 8, the starkest anomalies are for:

  • Geelong (3rd on the ladder), ranked 12th and 11th on defence by MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS, respectively
  • Richmond (5th on the ladder), ranked 12th and 14th on offence
  • West Coast (6th on the ladder), ranked 11th on offence and 9th on defence by both Systems
  • Fremantle (7th on the ladder), ranked 16th and 17th on offence, and 13th on defence

We can see how each of the teams arrived, round-by-round, at their current MoSSBODS Ratings using the following animation.

And, we can see how the current MoSSBODS Ratings compare to teams through history in the following chart.

Adelaide, again, is surrounding itself with some exceptional attacking teams from seasons past.


ChiPS and MARS both agree with MoSHBODS' Top 3 of Adelaide, Port Adelaide and GWS, though ChiPS steadfastly contends that Richmond should remain ranked 4th, some 7 places higher than MARS' ranking of 11th, 5 places higher than MoSHBODS' 9th, and 3 places higher than MoSSBODS' 7th.

The only other team for which ChiPS and MARS disagree in their ranking by more than two places is West Coast, which ChiPS ranks 11th and MARS 7th.