2017 - Team Ratings After Round 2

Adelaide have retained number 1 ranking on MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS after their 24-point and 9-scoring shot victory over Hawthorn.

Below the Crows there was a lot of activity in both Systems, all of which served to completely align their top 6 rankings.

(Note that some minor adjustments were made to the ratings of Hawthorn, Essendon, the Brisbane Lions, and Gold Coast after I discovered an error in the data inputs from their Round 1 games.)

For MoSSBODS, the big movers were Port Adelaide, up four places into 5th, and St Kilda, up three places into 10th. Only one team fell by more than two places: West Coast, down three places into 9th, despite their win over the Saints.

MoSHBODS moved no team up or down by more than two places. It also rewarded the Saints (and punished the Eagles) based on their 32 Scoring Shots to 26 "victory" against a team they were assessed as being considerably weaker than pre-game and who they were facing away.

These re-rankings have left the two Systems differing by more than a place about the rankings of:

  • Collingwood, ranked 7th by MoSSBODS and 9th by MoSHBODS
  • West Coast, ranked 9th by MoSSBODS and 7th by MoSHBODS
  • St Kilda, ranked 10th by MoSSBODS and 12th by MoSHBODS

Looking at the offensive and defensive components of the ratings, we find that Adelaide has retained the number 1 offensive rating on both Systems, and the Western Bulldogs has retained the number 1 defensive rating on both Systems.

Port Adelaide is the big mover on both Systems offensively and defensively and is now ranked 3rd by both on offence, and 6th by both on defence.

On MoSSBODS, Port Adelaide aside, the Western Bulldogs (up 3) and St Kilda (up 6) were the only other teams rising significantly offensively, while Collingwood (down 4) and West Coast (down 3) were the teams falling significantly.

MoSHBODS also elevated the Dogs considerably (up 4), and dropped Collingwood (down 5) and Hawthorn (down 3).

Defensively, the major climber for MoSSBODS was Carlton (up 4), and the major decliners were Hawthorn (down 3), West Coast (down 5), and Fremantle (down 3). For MoSHBODS, West Coast (down 3), and Fremantle (down 3) were the only teams moving by more than two places defensively.

The two Systems now rank a number of teams quite differently on offence:

  • Geelong, ranked 8th by MoSSBODS and 4th by MoSHBODS
  • Sydney, ranked 11th by MoSSBODS and 7th by MoSHBODS
  • Hawthorn, ranked 4th by MoSSBODS and 8th by MoSHBODS
  • St Kilda, ranked 6th by MoSSBODS and 10th by MoSHBODS

On defence, however, their rankings differ by no more than two places for any team.

MoSSBODS now rates 12 teams as above-average offensively, but only 7 as above-average defensively. MoSHBODS has the same 12 teams rated above-average offensively, and the same 7 teams rated above-average defensively, but adds West Coast to the latter list, albeit as a tenuous member.

On Combined Ratings, nine teams are rated above-average by both MoSSBODS and MoSHBODS (Adelaide, GWS, Western Bulldogs, Geelong, Port Adelaide, Sydney, Collingwood, Hawthorn, and West Coast). MoSSBODS has St Kilda as its tenth member of that list; MoSHBODS has the Kangaroos instead.

ChiPS and MARS

Adelaide also remains ranked 1st on both ChiPS and MARS, but the two Systems disagree significantly about the team ordering after that.

The largest differences are for Port Adelaide, who ChiPS ranks 3rd and MARS ranks 7th, and for Geelong, who ChiPS ranks 7th and MARS 4th. For no other teams do the rankings of ChiPS and MARS differ by more than two places.

ChiPS now rates 11 teams as above-average, MARS only eight and excluding the Kangaroos, Richmond, and Melbourne.