2017 - Team Ratings After Round 5

Adelaide did enough this week, according to MoSSBODS, to reclaim 1st position and also did enough, according to MoSHBODS, to retain 1st position on Combined Ratings.

GWS sit 2nd on both Systems, ahead of Port Adelaide and then Geelong according to MoSSBODS, and ahead of Geelong and then Port Adelaide according to MoSHBODS.

Hawthorn and Richmond both climbed three places on both Systems, while Gold Coast and Carlton both fell three places.

These movements left Collingwood as the only team about which the two Systems have distinctly differing opinions, MoSSBODS now ranking them 7th and MoSHBODS ranking them 10th.

Looking at the component ratings we see that Adelaide is ranked 1st on offence by both Systems and that GWS is ranked 1st on defence by both Systems.

We also see that the source of the two System's disagreement about the Pies stems from their assessments of that team's offensive abilities. MoSSBODS ranks them 7th to MoSHBODS' 11th.

West Coast are also a source of contention for the two Systems in terms of their team offensive rankings, with MoSSBODS ranking the Eagles 11th and MoSHBODS ranking them 7th.

On defence, it's Carlton that's the source of the largest difference, with MoSSBODS placing the Blues 11th and MoSHBODS slipping them in at only 14th.

All that said, the two Systems agree about the teams that comprise the top 6 on offence, and the teams that comprise the top 9 on defence, with none of the teams on either list being ranked differently by more than two places by the two Systems and with four of them being ranked identically on offfence and five ranked identically on defence.

We can see the evolution of the 18 teams' MoSSBODS Offensive and Defensive Ratings in the animation below. (I'll probably create a MoSHBODS version of this in the next few weeks, time permitting).


ChiPS and MARS offer no argument about the number 1 team in the competition, but MARS puts Geelong ahead of GWS for 2nd place.

Port Adelaide sit in 4th on both Systems, but Richmond has earned 5th according to ChiPS whilst West Coast have, instead, earned it according to MARS.

Both agree that the Hawks were entitled to a significant Ratings bump on the basis of their Round 5 win, taking them up 4 places into 12th on ChiPS, and 4 places into 9th on MARS.

The same eight teams are now rated as the only above-average by both Systems.