2016 - Team Ratings After Round 7

Well things did settle down a little this week across MoS' three Team Rating Systems, with slightly fewer and dramatically less substantial re-rankings taking place.

MARS found reason to re-rank 12 teams, though only three by multiple places, promoting Melbourne three places into 10th, the Western Bulldogs two places into 5th, and slipping West Coast two places into 3rd.

MARS now has the same top 9 teams as ChiPS and MoSSBODS, but in a different order.

ChiPS re-ranked 10 teams this week, just two by more than a single spot though, elevating the Dees two places into 12th and dropping the Eagles two places into 4th.

That left MARS and ChiPS differing most significantly in their rankings of only two teams:

  • GWS, ranked 8th on MARS and 3rd on ChiPS
  • Western Bulldogs, ranked 5th on MARS and 8th on ChiPS

For no other team does their ranking differ by more than two places.

Overall, the correlation between the raw ratings of MARS and ChiPS now stands at +0.945, which affirms the fact that the two Systems bicker more at the margin than at the core.

MoSSBODS Ratings

MoSSBODS ranks Geelong as the number 1 team on Combined Rating at present, and ranks Sydney, MARS' and ChiPS' selection as the highest-rated team in the competition at the moment, in 3rd. 

It also ranks GWS 2nd, which is more in keeping with ChiPS' opinion than with MARS', but has the Western Bulldogs in 4th, which is more aligned with MARS' views than ChiPS'.

Overall, MoSSBODS re-ranked 14 teams this week, though only three by more than a single place, lifting Melbourne three places into 13th, Fremantle two places into 10th, and dropping West Coast two places into 5th.

Some of the big moves on the component rankings this week were the three spot declines of St Kilda on Offense, and Essendon on Defence, as well as Melbourne's four spot climbs on both Offence and Defence.

On Combined Rankings, MoSSBODS is now most at odds relative to both MARS and ChiPS about the appropriate ordering of:

  • Brisbane Lions: ranked 12th by MoSSBODS, but 18th by MARS and 16th by ChiPS
  • Richmond: ranked 16th by MoSSBODS, but 11th by MARS and 10th by ChiPS

For every other team, MoSSBODS differs by no more than two places in its ranking from the ranking of one or both of MARS and ChiPS.

Only four teams now have a positive Offensive and a negative Defensive Rating - Adelaide, the Kangaroos, Port Adelaide, and the Brisbane Lions - while none have a negative Offensive and a positive Defensive Rating.

Of the teams currently in the Top 8 on the competition ladder, six have positive Offensive and Defensive Ratings (Geelong, GWS, Western Bulldogs, Sydney, West Coast, Hawthorn), and two (Adelaide and the Kangaroos) are from the positive Offence/negative Defence quadrant. Fremantle, who sit last on the competition ladder are, interestingly, close to having both a positive Offensive and Defensive Rating. As far as MoSSBODS is concerned, they're not nearly as bad as their 0 and 7 record would imply.

The Dockers improved their Defensive Rating this week, though not their Offensive Rating however, unlike Geelong, the Kangaroos, Melbourne and Port Adelaide, all of whom increased both Offensive and Defensive Ratings.

In contrast, West Coast, St Kilda, Gold Coast and the Brisbane Lions all saw both their Offensive and Defensive Ratings decline.