2015 - Team Ratings After Round 3

Hawthorn wrested back from Sydney its Number 1 ChiPS Ranking this weekend, bringing the ChiPS and MARS Rankings for the top two places back into alignment. Hawthorn are now, according to ChiPS, about a half-goal better side than Sydney at a neutral venue.

It was another week of team reshuffling on ChiPS, with 13 of the 18 teams moving by at least one place, the Tigers being the most dramatic climbers, up three places into 4th, and the Crows, Dogs and Saints the teams to fall furthest, each dropping two places.

Collingwood and GWS are now the only teams to have accumulated ChiPS Rating Points (RPs) in every round of the season, and Geelong and the Brisbane Lions are the only teams to have surrendered RPs at every opportunity. Those successive gains have lifted GWS's Rating by almost 12 RPs, the largest increase by any team in the competition, and the successive losses have dropped Geelong's Rating by almost 16 RPs, which is the largest decrease.

MARS Ratings, which are kinder to teams that secure victories of any magnitude, have the Lions with the season's largest Ratings decline, down by over 12 RPs, and have Adelaide with the season's largest Ratings increase, up by almost 9 RPs. 

On MARS Rankings, only 12 teams swapped places this week, and only three of them by more than a single spot. Geelong recorded the largest drop, down four places into 10th, while the Lions recorded the other significant fall, down three places into 18th. The Kangaroos were the lone significant climber, up two places into 8th.

Those changes mean that ChiPS and MARS:

  • Agree on the Ranking of six teams: Hawthorn, Sydney, Fremantle, Carlton, St Kilda and the Brisbane Lions
  • Differ by only one place in their Ranking of five other teams: the Kangaroos, Collingwood, Geelong, the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne
  • Differ by two places in their Ranking of four other teams: Richmond, West Coast, GWS and Gold Coast
  • Differ by three places in their Ranking of three other teams: Essendon, Adelaide and Port Adelaide

The correlation between ChiPS and MARS Ratings currently stands at +0.956.