2014 - Team Ratings After Round 25

Just minor adjustments to ChiPS Ratings this week, with no effect on team Rankings, and some slightly more significant adjustments to MARS Ratings that swap Port Adelaide into 3rd and Fremantle into 4th, which seems entirely apt given last evening's Semi Final result.

Were the AFL to offer a Most Improved Team award, Port Adelaide would be also certain to receive it this year. The 0.4 Rating Points (RPs) they accumulated on ChiPS and the 2.5 they accumulated on MARS this week merely extended their lead as the team with the largest season-long Rating improvement on both Systems.

Both Systems have also awarded large Rating increases to West Coast, Sydney and Hawthorn across the season, though their respective treatments of GWS have been markedly different. ChiPS has awarded GWS a nett 13 RP increase, the 4th-highest of any team, while MARS has stripped them of 2 RPs, which ranks the Giants only 10th in terms of season-long Rating change.

All the changes in team Ratings now mean that ChiPS and MARS Rank identically the four teams still active in this season's Flag race:

  • 1st Hawthorn
  • 2nd Sydney
  • 3rd Port Adelaide
  • 6th Kangaroos