2014 - Round 18a Results : So Far, So Good ...

Not a full blog post this evening as there's still four-ninths of the round to complete, but a quick update nonetheless to let Investors know that we're up by 1.7c on the round.

And, for those of you who are more interested in the MatterOfStats' Tipsters and Predictors, I can reveal that:

  • The Head-to-Head Tipsters have averaged 2.93 from 5 so far in the round, with most recording 3 from 5 results.
  • The Margin Predictors have an average Mean Average Prediction Error (MAPE) of 44.7 points per game so far, the best of them ProPred_7 with a MAPE of 39.66. The upset victories, especially the Saints', have been tough on MAPEs this week. Combo_7 still leads all other Predictors, now just over 33 points ahead of Win_3.
  • C_Prob has launched itself into 2nd place on the Head-to-Head Probability Leaderboard, trailing Bookie-OE and narrowly ahead of Bookie-LPSO.
  • The Line Fund algorithm is currently showing a negative season-long probability score.

The early signs are that Investors will be very active in the remaining four games of the round, but time and market price movements might change this.