2012 Round 15 - Wagers & Tips : Soon ...

I'm still waiting for the Head-to-Head and Line markets to be posted for the Hawks v Giants clash, so I'm deferring the posting of the Round 15 Wagers & Tips blog until tomorrow night.

Not, to be clear, that I expect we'll be nibbling at the Hawks head-to-head; if their opening price is $1.50 or more in that market it can only be because they've agreed to play the first quarter blind-folded. It is likely, however, that we'll be on the home-team Hawks in the Line market - certainly if they're only giving something like 99.5 start - so I've decided to wait until this market has been crystallised before I post all the details of the week's festivities.

As things stand I reckon we'll have no Head-to-Head bets, seven Line bets and four SuperMargin bets. More tomorrow.