2011 MARS Ratings After Round 22

More ripples rather than ructions on the MARS Ratings Leaderboard this week, as the West Coast and St Kilda, the Roos and the Swans, and the Lions and the Tigers traded places.

Port Adelaide and the Gold Coast, in losing by 60 and 61 points respectively, have now made themselves the 2nd-lowest and lowest MARS-rated teams of all time, and with Port facing Essendon and the Suns taking on Melbourne, those marks seems destined to be lowered even further.

Six teams have accumulated more than 5 Ratings Points during the course of Rounds 18 to 22, chief amongst them the West Coast Eagles, whose 11-point addition has been enough to catapult them from 7th to 5th on the MARS Ladder.

Adelaide, Hawthorn, and the Lions - from just 4 games in the Lions' case - have been the other big gainers.

Just four teams have shed more than 5 Ratings Points: Fremantle, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Port Adelaide. Amongst this lot, only Fremantle and Melbourne have suffered by way of MARS Ladder position. They've both fallen one spot, while the Gold Coast and Port Adelaide have had nowhere to go as they've occupied positions 16 and 17 between them the whole time.

The Roos, though they've gained just 4.6 Ratings Points across the 5 rounds, have nonetheless risen by 2 positions into 7th, while Sydney in dropping just 4.4 Ratings Points have fallen 2 spots from 6th to 8th. Such has been the congested nature of MARS Ratings in the middle of the ladder.

Other teams to change ladder positions in this period have been Adelaide, the Lions and Fremantle, all up one spot; and Essendon, Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda and the Dogs, all down one spot.

Six teams' Colley rankings altered as a consequence of the weekend's results. The Lions, Roos and West Coast each rose by one spot, while the Blues, Suns and Demons each fell by one spot.

At the same time, Massey rankings remained unchanged from what they were after Round 21.

This leaves Adelaide, Essendon, Fremantle, the Roos, Dees, Tigers and Dogs as the teams about which the various Ratings Systems most differ.