MAFL 2010 : Round 7 - Results So Far

The round's not yet over as most Investors still have a pecuniary interest in Monday night's Saints v Carlton clash, so this'll just be a short blog to update Investors.

Adelaide's final-term blitz on Sunday evening was welcome relief - apparently there's rarely any other sort if we're to believe TV news anchors - for all Investors, with the profit from the Crows' 50-point victory leaving those with the Recommended Portfolio up 0.64% on the round and 3.24% on the season. MIN#002 and MIN#017 also benefited. MIN#002's portfolio is up 2.25% on the round and now 0.05% on the season, and MIN#017's is down 4.43% on the round and 3.87% on the season.

MIN#002 is the only Investor with no stake in the St Kilda v Carlton game, so he at least can watch the game without the mood-altering effects of a wager. There'll be no such enjoyment though for those with the Recommended Portfolio or for MIN#017 as they all have significant stakes in the outcome.

If St Kilda wins and covers the 15.5 point start they're giving, the Recommended Portfolio will rise by a further 1.63%. If they win but fail to cover the spread then the increase is only 0.68%. And, finally, if the Saints lose, then the Recommended Portfolio will drop by 3.13%, virtually eliminating the season's profit to date. For MIN#017 all that matters is whether the Saints win or lose. A win will trigger a 4.66% increase in portfolio wealth and a loss will inflict a 10.36%-sized hole.

(By the way, I discovered a glitch in the Ready Reckoner calculations over the weekend, so the return for the Recommended Portfolio provided in this blog is slightly higher than what you'd get if you added up the relevant numbers from Friday's table. Errors are always so much more forgivable when they're beneficial, aren't they.)