Dogs on Friday; Pies on Saturday; Rest on Sunday

Oh what a fickle bunch we Investors are forced to be. This week we'll cheer if the Dogs and the Pies are victorious; last week the cheers were on the other ... well, lips I guess.

Just three Funds are active this week, New Heritage, Prudence and Line Redux.

New Heritage has an 11.8% wager on the Dogs at $1.25 and a 5.2% wager on the Pies at $2.15. I'm sure there's a good reason why the Pies are underdogs, but I'm yet to discover it. Prudence has 5.9% on the Dogs, and Line Redux has 5% on the Dogs giving 26.5 points start.

All of which yields the following Ready Reckoner:

On tipping there's contention in only one of the two contests. In the Dogs v Crows game, BKB, Chi and ELO are all tipping a Dogs win, whereas in the Pies v Lions game, BKB and Chi are tipping the Crows, but ELO's tipping the Pies.

Finally, on line betting, Chi's tipping Brisbane and Adelaide, ELO the Dogs and Collingwood.