MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 5

Although the ladder now has two teams on 4 wins, nine on 3 wins, three on 2 wins, and one on a single win, the ordering provided by percentage sees the competition in much better agreement with MoS’ Expected Wins column this week. The only team ranked more than 4 places differently on Expected Wins compared to ladder position is Gold Coast, who are 11th on the ladder but 16th on Expected Wins.

As the table reveals, the Suns have scored fewest goals and fewest points across their 5 game, and have recorded the smallest proportion of their scoring shots as goals as any team in the competition. They’re also ranked only 15th on scoring shot generation per game.

The rank correlation between the teams’ ladder positions and their ordering on Expected Wins now stands at +0.89, which is the highest correlation of any of our Dashboard metrics with team ladder position.

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features from which are that:

  • Collingwood is now the only team yet to lose a Q1

  • No team has won all of its Q2s, Q3s or Q4s

  • North Melbourne are yet to win a Q2

  • No team has lost all of its Q1s, Q3s or Q4s

  • Gold Coast have now scored only 52 points to their opponents’ 100 points in Q2s, and have scored over one-third of their points in Q1s

  • Hawthorn have scored one-third of their points in Q3s, and the Western Bulldogs almost one-third in Q4s.