MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 3

The latest Team Dashboard appears below but, before that, again this week I’m going to present a table of team rankings based on the various Dashboard Metrics.

There are a few interesting, early results in that table, for example:

  • Geelong are only 6th in Quarters 1 to 3, but 1st in 4th Quarters

  • Brisbane Lions are 16th in Q1s, but top three in every other quarter

  • Fremantle are top three in 1st and 3rd Quarters, mid-pack in 2nd and 4th quarters

  • Melbourne have the best scoring shot conversion rate in the competition, but their opponents also enjoy the highest scoring shot conversion rate

  • St Kilda have conceded fewest scoring shots

And, here is the full Team Dashboard, from which those rankings are derived.

One interesting statistic from this is that North Melbourne are yet to win a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Quarter.