MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 21

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below.

This week, let’s focus on the current Top 8 teams on the competition ladder, for which we note that:

  • Geelong are ranked no lower than 4th on any Dashboard metric

  • Brisbane Lions are only 7th on Opponent Scoring Shots, 11th on Own Conversion, 8th on Opponent Conversion, 9th on Goals Conceded, and 10th on Points Conceded

  • West Coast are only 9th on Scoring Shot Production, 11th on Opponent Scoring Shot Production, and 13th on Q2 performances

  • Richmond are 15th on Opponent Conversion, 10th on Goals Conceded, 9th on Points Conceded, and 12th on Q4 performances

  • Collingwood are 9th on Opponent Conversion, 14th on Q2 performances, and 11th on Q3 performances

  • GWS are 13th on Opponent Conversion, and 11th on Q1 performances

  • Essendon are 13th on Scoring Shot Production, 15th on Opponent Scoring Shot Production, 11th on Goals and Points Scored, 12th on Goals and Points Conceded, 17th on Q1 performances, 11th on Q2 and Q4 performance, 10th on Q3 performances, 13th on Quarters won, and 12th on Expected Wins according to the MoS Win Production Function

  • Port Adelaide are 13th on Own Conversion, 10th on Opponent Conversion, and 14th on Q1 performances.

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features of which are:

  • Only three of the teams in the Top 8 have winning streaks of more than two games

  • Five of the teams outside the Top 8 have a better percentage than Essendon, who sit in 7th

  • Essendon have conceded 12 more goals than they’ve scored so far this season

  • Geelong (in 1st) have conceded more behinds this season than nine of the teams lower than them on the ladder (but more goals than none of them)