MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 20

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below.

While there’s still a very high correlation between the teams’ ladder positions and their ordering based on Expected Wins according to the MoS Win Production Function half of the teams find themselves with at least one or more wins or losses greater than their scoring statistics would suggest, namely:

  • Sydney (2.6 fewer wins)

  • Port Adelaide (1.3 fewer wins)

  • Carlton and Hawthorn (1.2 fewer wins)

  • Adelaide (1.1 fewer wins)

  • North Melbourne (1.0 fewer wins)

  • St Kilda (1.9 fewer losses)

  • Richmond (1.8 fewer losses)

  • Brisbane Lions (1.7 fewer losses)

  • Essendon and West Coast (1.3 fewer losses)

In terms of ladder positions, however, it’s the Western Bulldogs who find themselves highest on the ladder relative to their Expected Win count. They’re in 10th on the ladder but are ranked only 14th on Expected Wins.

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features of which are:

  • North Melbourne have registered more goals and more points than the six teams directly above them on the ladder

  • Essendon, in 7th, have only a 100.1 percentage, and have conceded more points than four teams that sit below them on the ladder

  • Only 4 of the teams currently in the Top 8 have a better than 50% win rate over the past 6 rounds