MatterOfStats 2019 : Team Dashboard for Round 17

The latest table of Rankings on Dashboard Metrics appears below.

Based on rank correlation the metrics most highly correlated with the current competition ladder ordering are the orderings based on:

Those metrics least correlated are:

  • Q2 performances (+0.34)

  • Opponents’ Scoring Shot Conversion (+0.43)

  • Q3 performances (+0.57)

  • Q4 performances (+0.61)

  • Q1 performances (+0.65)

The relatively low correlations between ladder positions and performances in individual quarters I think reflects the fact that no team - Geelong aside - has been able to dominate in every quarter. All of the teams in positions 2 through 8 on the competition ladder are ranked 9th or lower for at least one quarter, most of them for two quarters.

The full Team Dashboard appears below, a few of the interesting features of which are:

  • Richmond’s 10 and 6 record paired with a 105 percentage

  • The fact that the Top 14 teams now have percentages of about 95 or higher

  • The fact that the teams currently in the Top 8 are only 24 and 16 since Round 12

  • The fact that five teams outside the Top 8 are only 1 or 2 wins outside it, and two more teams only 3 wins outside it

  • The fact that Carlton, in 17th, have recorded less than a goal a game fewer than Essendon, in 8th

  • The fact that Brisbane Lions, in 3rd, have conceded as many goals as Sydney, in 14th