MatterOfStats 2018 : Team Dashboard for Round 18

The latest Team Dashboard appears below.

But first, an updated version of the Ranking Dashboard.

Compared to what we noted last week:

  • Five of the top seven teams on the competition ladder continue to be ranked in the bottom half of teams on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion
  • Just two (down from three) of the top eight teams on the competition ladder are ranked in the bottom half of teams on Own Scoring Shot Conversion
  • Sydney continue to generate surprisingly few Scoring Shots per Game, and concede surprisingly many, for a team still ranked so high on the competition ladder
  • Richmond continue to struggle in Third Quarters (although they lost this week's by only a behind)
  • Port Adelaide still struggle in the first half of games, as they did again this week
  • GWS continue to be ranked below their ladder position on a large number of metrics
  • Gold Coast's opponents have still converted Scoring Shots at a surprisingly low rate. This week, the Swans only converted one-third of them.