MatterOfStats 2016 : Team Dashboard for Round 20

Hawthorn, despite losing to Melbourne this week, remain at the top of the Competition Ladder, a position that remains at odds with the ranking its Scoring Shot data, when input into MoS' Win Production Function, would imply.

They should, based on that analysis, be sixth, the full ordering being (with current Competition Ladder positions shown in brackets after each team name):

  1. Adelaide (3rd)
  2. GWS (4th)
  3. Sydney (2nd)
  4. Geelong (5th)
  5. West Coast (6th)
  6. Hawthorn (1st)
  7. Kangaroos (8th)
  8. Western Bulldogs (7th)
  9. Port Adelaide (11th)
  10. Melbourne (12th)
  11. St Kilda (9th)
  12. Collingwood (12th)
  13. Richmond (13th)
  14. Gold Coast (14th)
  15. Carlton (15th)
  16. Fremantle (16th)
  17. Essendon (17th)
  18. Brisbane Lions (18th)

Hawthorn aside then, no team differs in its ranking using the Win Production Function and its ranking on the Competition Ladder by more than two places.

Hawthorn, it also turns out, is no more highly ranked than 4th on any of the Scoring Shot metrics tracked on the Team Dashboard.

The current Top 3s for each of those metrics are:

  • Scoring Shot Production: Adelaide, GWS, Geelong
  • Scoring Shot Concession: Western Bulldogs, Sydney, Geelong
  • Own Scoring Shot Conversion: West Coast, Melbourne, GWS
  • Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion: Kangaroos, Sydney, Port Adelaide

And, finally, the Top 3 teams in each quarter are:

  • Q1: Sydney, Adelaide, West Coast
  • Q2: GWS, West Coast, Adelaide
  • Q3: Adelaide, Sydney, GWS
  • Q4: Geelong, GWS, Hawthorn