MatterOfStats 2016 : Team Dashboard for Round 21

This week we'll focus on teams' Scoring Shot data and call out where their rankings on these metrics differ by at least three places from their ladder position.

And, for a change, we'll do it as a table.

A few features of that table stand out immediately:

  • Hawthorn's relatively low ranking on all four metrics
  • Adelaide's poorer showing on the metrics related to defence (Scoring Shot Concession and Opponent Conversion)
  • The Western Bulldogs relatively low ranking on three of the four metrics
  • Melbourne's and the Gold Coast's relatively high rankings on the two Conversion metrics
  • The fact that the highest-ranked teams on the four metrics currently lie 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th on the competition ladder.
  • Essendon's bottom ranking on three of the four metrics