MatterOfStats 2015 : Team Dashboard for Round 15

Wins to Port Adelaide, Essendon and GWS this week ended all but one of the competition's longest losing runs, leaving the Brisbane Lions (7 in a row) and Collingwood (3 in a row) as the only teams with losing sequences now extending beyond two games.

Four teams, West Coast (4 in a row), Hawthorn (6 in a row), Richmond (3 in a row), and the Western Bulldogs (4 in a row), are now the only ones having winning sequences extending beyond a single game.

Focussing this week only on Scoring Shot data, the most significant team performance anomalies are as follows:

  • Adelaide is 3rd on Scoring Shot Production but 9th on the competiton ladder
  • Brisbane is 11th on Scoring Shot Conversion but 18th on the competition ladder
  • Collingwood is 4th on Scoring Shot Production but 7th on the competition ladder
  • Essendon is 17th on Scoring Shot Production, 3rd on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 14th on the competition ladder
  • Fremantle is 12th on Scoring Shot Production, 5th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 1st on the competition ladder
  • Geelong is 1st on Scoring Shot Conversion, 7th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 11th on the competition ladder
  • Gold Coast is 10th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 17th on the competition ladder
  • GWS is 4th on Scoring Shot Production, 18th on Scoring Shot Conversion, but 8th on the competition ladder
  • Hawthorn is 1st on Scoring Shot Production, 7th on Scoring Shot Conversion, but 4th on the competition ladder
  • The Kangaroos are 6th on Scoring Shot Production, 15th on Opponent Scoring Shot Production, but 10th on the competition ladder
  • Melbourne are 11th on Opponent Scoring Shot Production, but 15th on the competition ladder
  • Port Adelaide are 8th on Opponent Scoring Shot Production, 2nd on Scoring Shot Conversion, 16th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 12th on the competition ladder
  • Richmond are 16th on Scoring Shot Conversion, 2nd on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 5th on the competition ladder
  • St Kilda are 10th on Scoring Shot Production, 10th on Scoring Shot Conversion, but 13th on the competition ladder
  • Sydney are 9th on Scoring Shot Production but 3rd on the competition ladder
  • West Coast are 14th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 2nd on the competition ladder
  • The Western Bulldogs are 9th on Scoring Shot Conversion, 17th on Opponent Scoring Shot Conversion, but 6th on the competition ladder