MatterOfStats 2015 : Team Dashboard for Round 11

After 11 rounds of the competition, comprising 11 games for two-thirds of the teams and 10 games for the other one-third, this week I thought we might look at teams with exceptional performances - good and bad - in particular quarters.

So, note the following, mostly positive performances:

  • Hawthorn are yet to lose a 3rd Quarter and have more than doubled the aggregate score of their opponents in 3rd terms
  • Collingwood have won 82% of 3rd Quarters and almost doubled the aggregate score of their opponents in these Quarters. They've also won 73% of 4th Quarters
  • Richmond have won 80% of 2nd, and 80% of 4th Quarters. But, they've also won only 40% of 1st Quarters and just 30% of 3rd Quarters.
  • West Coast have won 82% of 3rd, and 73% of 2nd and 4th Quarters. They've won only half of their 1st Quarters though
  • Fremantle have won 73% of 2nd and of 3rd Quarters
  • Sydney have won 73% of 2nd Quarters

In contrast, here are some of the poorer performances:

  • The Brisbane Lions have lost 90% of 2nd Quarters
  • Carlton have lost 80% of 2nd and of 3rd Quarters
  • The Gold Coast have lost 77% of 1st and of 2nd Quarters
  • Port Adelaide have lost 73% of 3rd Quarters (and 68% of 4th Quarters too)
  • St Kilda have lost 77% of 3rd Quarters
  • The Western Bulldogs have lost 80% of 4th Quarters