MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 4

A handful of things that caught my eye as I reviewed this week's Team Dashboard:

  • The first 11 teams on the ladder have percentages over 100. When was the last time that was true, I wonder
  • Adelaide, in 8th, have scored only about 10 points per game more than GWS, in 18th. Of course they've conceded over 18 points per game fewer as well, which is what explains their more-elevated status
  • Geelong's combined victory margins across its four wins is just 48 points
  • Port Adelaide have registered almost 12 scoring shots per game more than their opponents. Melbourne have conceded almost 19 more per game than their opponents
  • Geelong have the best record of any team in the 3rd quarter, but are 14th and 15th-best in 1st and 2nd terms
  • Hawthorn, the Roos and Richmond all have the opposite pattern, faring relatively poorly in 3rd terms and much better in the rest of the game
  • Both the Gold Coast in 2nd terms and Melbourne in 3rd terms score only 18 points for every 100 points scored by their opponents in these respective quarters