MAFL 2013 : Team Dashboard for Round 3

Five teams remain equal on competition points, undefeated and at the head of the competition ladder, but their percentages range from the Dons' 200 to the Cats' 109.

The Roos wish games didn't have a third quarter, Fremantle wishes they didn't have a fourth, the Dons and Port would be happy if games only had third and fourth quarters, while Melbourne wishes games didn't have any quarters at all.

Whilst it's only early days in the competition, the Lions' coaching staff must be a bit concerned with their team's conversion rate, which currently sits at just 37.5% (30 from 80). The Lions have been generating about 27 scoring shots per game - which while it isn't top-drawer, is acceptable - but their appalling conversion rate has seen them average just 10 goals a game. That makes it hard to win.

Fremantle makes for an interesting comparison. They've generated one fewer scoring shot per game, on average, but their conversion rate of over 53% has allowed them to average over 14 goals per game, 4 more than the Lions.