MAFL 2011 : Team Dashboard for Round 4

Again this week just a few observations on each section of the dashboard.

From the Competition Ladder 

  • All three teams have lost after having the bye (though that streak must end this week as two of last week's bye recipients, Brisbane and the Saints, meet up)
  • Collingwood have kicked 20 goals more than any other team, including the two other teams that have basked in the Suns' warmth
  • Geelong has allowed only 29 goals in 4 games. Richmond have allowed 68 goals.

From the Scoring Shot Data 

  • Collingwood have registered over 35 scoring shots per game and allowed only 21. Also, they've converted at almost 60%, though they've allowed their opponents to convert at over 50% too, the sole less-than-exceptionally good stat for them in this section of the dashboard.
  • Brisbane have converted at almost 59%, second only to the Pies. What's hurt them though is the lack of scoring shots to convert in the first place. They're last on this metric at just 17.7 per game.
  • Fremantle is converting at just 44%, which places them 15th on this metric, but their scoring shot production of almost 30 per game, which is 3rd best, has been enough to see them go 3 and 1 for the season.
  • As if the Gold Coast's lack of scoring shot production wasn't enough (their 19 per game is better only than the Lions), they're also converting at a paltry 40%, which is comfortably the worst conversion rate in the competition.

From the Quarter By Quarter Performance Data

  • Collingwood, if they can legitimately be said to be struggling at all, seemed to be ennui-ridden in 3rd terms during which their performance ranks 12th.
  • Geelong, instead, has a problem getting started. They rank 11th on 1st quarter performance.
  • Essendon, on the other hand, start well but finish poorly. They're 3rd on 1st quarters but 12th on final terms.
  • Melbourne don't like long breaks. They're 12th and 13th on 1st and 3rd terms respectively, and 1st and 5th on 2nd and 4th terms respectively.
  • Port Adelaide, Richmond and Sydney come alive in 3rd terms. They're 2nd, 5th and 3rd respectively on 3rd quarter performances.
  • The Dogs start exceptionally but taper quickly. They're top dog on 1st quarters but mid pack in all other terms.

Here's the full detail: