A Comparison of SOGR & VSRS Ratings

Earlier posts on the Very Simple Rating System (VSRS) and Set of Games Ratings (SOGR) included a range of attractive graphs depicting team performance within and across seasons.

But, I wondered: how do the two Systems compare in terms of the team ratings they provide and the accuracy with which game outcomes can be modelled using them, and what do any differences suggest about changes in team performance within and across seasons?

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Set of Games Ratings: All Teams' Charts

The Set of Games Ratings post from late December introduced a twist on Tony’s VSRS concept. For any given set of games, the SOGR approach produces a rating for each team indicating its relative scoring ability within those games. Each SOGR model is optimised for the set of games on which it was fitted (in the least squares sense).

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Set of Games Ratings: A Comparison With VSRS

A few weeks back, Tony introduced the Very Simple Rating System (VSRS). It’s an ELO-style rating system applied to the teams in the AFL, designed so that the difference in the ratings between any pair of teams plus some home ground advantage (HGA) can be interpreted as the expected difference in scores for a game involving those two teams played at a neutral venue. Tony's explored a number of variants of the basic VSRS approach across a number of blogs, but I'll be focussing here on the version he created in that first blog.

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