2012 - Final Simulations : Round Up of Wagering Outcomes

If I'd been confident enough to wager on the opportunities I identified from the simulations I performed for and discussed in this blog, I'd have earned myself a 37.5% ROI on whatever amount I'd put at risk, assuming I level-staked each identified wager.

Much of the return would have been the result of identifying the value in wagering on the Hawks for the Minor Premiership at $7, which they were being offered at after Round 20, from wagers at various prices on a Hawthorn v Sydney GF, and from a wager on the Swans for the Flag priced at $6, which was being offered at the end of the first week of the Finals.

In total, based on the simulations performed after the end of Round 19, twenty four wagers were recommended, thirteen of them winners and eleven of them losers.

Next year, perhaps ...