MoS in FOX

Just over three years ago I looked at Pythagorean Expectation and its application to sports, especially to the V/AFL and the NRL, in this post. What I found in that post was that Pythagorean Expectation could be applied to V/AFL final ladders to achieve surprisingly good fits in most years.

That post has cropped up occasionally in a few other places and discussions since, most recently at the start of the month in this post on the FOX sports website. I had no idea the FOX piece was being written nor that my blog post was to be linked in it so it was one of those times where you see a sudden, pleasant spike in your website traffic and wonder where it's coming from.

If I had (or was even vaguely entitled to have) a Wikipedia page, I could now, at least, provide a few citations to support my claim of being a data scientist and football statistician.

(NB I'm pleased to confirm that the information in the blog post was not Fake Analysis.)